5 Rules to Follow if You’re Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing While Pregnant

Babywearing While Pregnant: What You need to know You’re pregnant again. Congratulations! Time to makes some changes. Say hello to pre-natal vitamins and goodbye to margaritas. But you know what doesn’t have to change just because you’re pregnant? Wearing your baby. There is still a tremendous benefit to babywearing, even when you’re pregnant. Now more … Read more

What no one tells you about wearing your baby

wearing your baby

Everyone knows that wearing your baby is great. Babywearing comes with a ton of benefits for your baby, and there is no dispute about that. But, like everything else, there are also pros and cons of babywearing As much as we here at Lucky promote babywearing as a great way to bond with your little one, … Read more

Baby Wearing in Style

Baby Wearing in Style

It’s any mom’s instinct to want to show off their little one – and human nature to want to look good yourself at the same time. Baby wearing is a great way to achieve the former while giving your child an emotional and developmental boost, but it can be tricky to coordinate an outfit around … Read more

The benefits of baby wearing for Mom


Attachment parenting offers natural and economic benefits to a busy mom Atlanta, 12 August, 2014. It is well known that babies benefit from being carried next to their mother’s chest. They are less fussy, they cry less and they sleep better. However, it is evident that baby wearing benefits mom, as much as baby. Wearing … Read more


When your child begins walking on their own, they have made a major accomplishment. With this new found ability also comes energy and curiosity. The child has learned to walk but does not many consequences to certain actions that are associated with walking and running. A child who has just started walking can easily become … Read more

How to use your SUPPORi Baby Carrier/ Sling

baby sling

Using your SUPPORi baby carrier/ sling is as easy as 1-2 3, literally. For baby’s safety and the comfort of both baby and caregiver, please ensure that you follow these simple instructions. 1. Place your SUPPORi across your body. Widen the strap across your shoulder and ensure a comfortable fit. Placing your SUPPORi across your … Read more