SUPPORi baby sling customer reviews, Oct 4, 2012

At Lucky Baby, we love collecting customer reviews. We are especially tickled when the reviews are raving, as that tells us that we’re doing what we have set out to do. We thank you for taking the time to write these reviews, and encourage other parents to write to us.

Jenna Matthews, September 19, 2012
We don’t leave the house without it. When I bought the SUPPORi, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because I read some of the not so flattering reviews. But I figured I’d just return it if I wasn’t happy. I’m happy I took the chance because I loved it then and I love it still. I started carrying my daughter in it when she was 6 months old and that sling is always in my bag when we go out. It’s so quick and easy to get her into the sling, and I am able to carry her for longer periods. We do our weekly shopping with it because she cries when I even try to put her into the cart, plus those carts are so dirty. So yes, I’m a big fan but what I didn’t know before I bought it, is that the sling actually stretches as your kid grows. So I haven’t needed to get a bigger size – what a bonus. It was money well spent.

Francis Jennings, August 27, 2012
I’ve tried, but my son just won’t go into the pack ‘n play, so now he is on my hip practically all day – he’s 10 months old. My arms would be so tired by the end of the day and it got so bad that I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, but that’s not possible if you’re a mother. I was desperate by the time I got this sling because I had tried so many before and it didn’t work out because even if he fit comfortably, I would be uncomfortable and I’d only be able to carry him for a short time. This sling really works for me because my son is comfortable and I am too. I find I can carry him for longer times. I get dinner done in a reasonable time every night.

Elizabeth Parker, August 2, 2012
I wish motherhood was as easy as this sling. I recommend this to all parents. Only thing is, make sure you get the right size. I had to exchange after my first purchase but when I finally got the right size, it was worth the wait. I’m not very organized so I don’t put my son down for naps at regular times, so we may be out sometimes when he needs his nap. With this sling, its not a problem. I figured out that if I move his little butt just slightly towards my front, he rests his head on my chest and takes his naps.