How to Look Good While Baby Wearing

You know that baby wearing benefits both parent and child, but you want to look good while doing it. When it comes to caring for your child, nothing will soothe them faster than strapping them to you with a great quality baby wrap or carrier. Baby wearing has been instrumental for parents who are looking to calm their clingy baby and keep their arms and shoulders from the burnout of holding a heavy baby all day. Also, with baby wearing you’re able to have one, or even both hands free to get other tasks done which is amazingly helpful for parents with multiple children or if you’re out shopping.

Becoming a parent and embracing many of the parenting trends including baby wearing doesn’t mean you have to give up your fashion sense. Gone are the days of the ugly baby carrier, now there are many fashionable baby carriers available that are safe for baby, comfortable for both of you, and will help you feel great. If you’re looking for tips on how to look good while baby wearing and want some tips on babywearing fashion, here are a few:

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1. Choose a carrier in a pretty pattern or fabric.

There are so many choices when it comes to fashionable baby wraps and choosing one that has a gorgeous pattern or is a bold and bright color will help you look your best. The Baby K’Tan wrap comes in a variety of colors, most of them bright and will amp up any outfit you’re wearing. If you’re more into patterns, the ErgoBaby comes in great patterns – it’s so fashionable even supermodel Gisele chose to wear the ErgoBaby carrier in River Rock with her daughter Vivianne.

2. Pick the right outfit

Choosing the right outfit for fashionable babywearing will help take your look to the next level. If you want your baby wrap to be the focal point of your look, choose clothing that won’t steal the show. Opt for simple blue jeans and a plain t-shirt or stick to one color palate. If you’re more interested in your outfit doing the talking and your baby wrap to blend in, choose a carrier that is a neutral color and let your outfit pop with bright colors.

3. Accessorize

Don’t forget the power of accessorizing to help take your boring outfit to the next level of sophistication. Choose pieces that are baby friendly if you’re going to be wearing a necklace (there are amazing ones available that are fashionable and safe for baby safe for baby), and stay clear of earrings that are too big (don’t’ want baby grabbing on to them!). Pair some amazing bangles, a great bag and you’ll be set.

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4. Shoes help make a bold statement

It’s amazing what a great pair of shoes can do for your outfit and that’s true even when you’ve got a baby strapped to you. Choosing a sensible shoe should come first because carrying a baby while rocking the 5 inch heals is not something most humans can do, but a wedge sandal or flat can make just as bold of a statement. Find shoes that are bright, patterned, or just have something extra special about them and it can help carry your whole outfit.

5. Baby wear with confidence

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing – it’s all about confidence. You can be wearing the most fashionable baby carriers and if you don’t feel great it in, you won’t look as great as you could. On the other hand, you can wear a basic black carrier and if you feel amazing wearing it, it will come across to others.

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by Devan McGuinness