Baby High Chairs

Different high chairs do have different qualities. Choosing the type baby high chair was just another decision where we had to compromise.

When we had our first child, as parents, our opinions were different on so many occasions. Choosing the type baby high chair was just another decision where we had to compromise. Different high chairs do have different qualities, so I have put together this information for you, to help you decide which type of high chair is best for you and your baby.

High Chairs At Home

At around six months old, your baby will probably start eating solids. Now is typically a great time to get them sitting in a high chair. Its also a great time to start enjoying meal times as a family, as now you can all eat together at the dinner table when dinner is served.

With that in mind, there are many factors you may want to consider when purchasing a baby high chair. These include:

  • Your decor, do you want colors to match?
  • Your dining setting, do you want it at a height that matches the table?
  • Infant comfort, do you want a design that is highly padded for enhanced comfort?
  • Convenience, do you want a model which is simple to clean and store

There are many other factors to consider when looking at high chair designs so take your time, look around and choose a chair that really suits your home and family.

Traveling With A High Chair

If you enjoy travel or eating out with your family, dealing with a high chair while on the move can be difficult. It does not have to be. There are highchairs made now specifically with the outing in mind. These innovative high chairs ensure enjoyable and hassle free meals, as your children can enjoy the security of their own seat. wherever you take them.

You will enjoy your meal more too as no longer do you need to juggle your baby on your lap while attempting to eat. Your child will be sitting up at the table like everyone else.

These high chairs are super convenient too. When your ready to go, you usually can tuck your baby high chair into its own bag and take it with you. Some models even convert into a pillow, making the rest of your travel much more comfortable.

High Chairs Made From Wood

Many people these days purchase wooden high chairs rather than the plastic ones. There are many valid reasons for this. For example, they look more natural and match with regular furniture more easily. They tend to clean easier and have much less fiddly bits. There is also an argument that they last longer. This argument obviously depends on how many children you expect to have though.

Some potential drawback include the harder surface is less forgiving for babies, who tend to “bump” things, like their heads. Also, sometimes wood stains when spills are not cleaned immediately. They are easier to clean if attended to immediately, much harder to clean though if spills are left for a period before cleaning.

High Chair Accessories

Baby highchairs, like everything these days, come with their own range of accessories. You can buy pillows, covers, cushions and pads, all which make the high chair more comfortable for your child and more stylish for your home. Naturally harnesses and straps are also available, in case you lose or damage yours.