3 Best Baby Carriers for Wearing Multiples

If you’re expecting twins (or more!), chances are you’re on the hunt for the best baby products that are going to make your life a little less chaotic. Everything from the best double stroller to the perfect high chairs will be on your baby registry and you want to make sure you have baby carriers for multiples on there too.

Wearing your baby, or babies in this case, has many benefits for parents and kids. With two or more babies in tow, you can get even greater use out of a baby carrier and if you are choosing wisely, you can wear both babies at the same time.

Not all baby carriers are built for two, but there are some baby carriers for multiples on the market that are perfectly suitable for wearing twins or more.

1. Moby Wrap ($44 – $58)

The Moby Wrap is one of the most versatile baby carriers on the market because it can be used for newborns, toddlers, singletons, and twins. There are a few ways you can carry both of your babies at the same time, where they’re getting the benefits of skin-to-skin with the parent, and being close to their sibling. The price is right at only $44.95, but getting the hang of securing it tightly can be a bit of a learning curve for new parents.

2. Weego ($159)

This carrier is perfect for twins who were born on the small side since it can be safely worn for twins at 3 pounds and up. The two sections allow the adult to carry the babies close to them on their chest while each baby is safely secured in their own “pocket”. The price tag is a little on the higher end for a baby carrier, but it can be used until your babies are in their fifth or sixth month.

3. TwinTrexx 2 Twin Baby Carrier ($139 – $195.99)

The TwinTrexx 2 Baby Carrier offers a variety of different ways to wear your twins: both in front, both in back, one on front while the other is in the back, or dual hip carries. It can be used for babies as light as seven pounds and is safe until your babies reach 25 pounds each. The price is on the larger end of the scope, but with it being so versatile, it can quickly be a front-runner.