Statistics on the Dangers of Shopping Carts


The Realities of Supermarket Safety Many parents are completely unaware of the serious dangers of shopping carts, and the potential harm that can come from placing children in them. In fact, there have been over 21,000 cart-related injuries to children under 5 that required hospitalization in a two-year period. Despite the disturbing numbers, understanding the … Read more


When your child begins walking on their own, they have made a major accomplishment. With this new found ability also comes energy and curiosity. The child has learned to walk but does not many consequences to certain actions that are associated with walking and running. A child who has just started walking can easily become … Read more

How to use your SUPPORi Baby Carrier/ Sling

baby sling

Using your SUPPORi baby carrier/ sling is as easy as 1-2 3, literally. For baby’s safety and the comfort of both baby and caregiver, please ensure that you follow these simple instructions. 1. Place your SUPPORi across your body. Widen the strap across your shoulder and ensure a comfortable fit. Placing your SUPPORi across your … Read more