Baby Wearing in Style

It’s any mom’s instinct to want to show off their little one – and human nature to want to look good yourself at the same time. Baby wearing is a great way to achieve the former while giving your child an emotional and developmental boost, but it can be tricky to coordinate an outfit around a baby carrier. Here are some tips to start you down the path to carrying your baby in style.

Start with a solid-colored carrier. Many wraps and slings, such as the Konny Baby Carrier, come in a wide variety of colors. Some come in fun patterns, too, but it can be difficult to coordinate an outfit around those; if the perfect shirt for the day clashes with your baby sling, you’re in for a world of eye strain. The carrier doesn’t have to be a neutral color – bright solids work just as well!

Look for wraps, slings, and accessories that make baby wearing a breeze. Bulky carriers may let you wear your little one, but they don’t go well with nice clothes. It’s just plain easier to work with a fun sling or wrap. In addition, there are enterprising moms out there who make accessories for baby wearing in the winter, making it easier to keep both yourself and your child nice and warm on snowy days.

Consider your own jewelry very carefully! You’re already going to have your baby at about the proper level for a necklace to be seen, and aside from that, bulky jewelry might press into your little one uncomfortably, or be too strong a temptation to resist for teething, curious mouths. Stick to bracelets where you can, or invest in specially-made teething jewelry that’s safe for babies to play with and stick in their mouths.

If you’re breastfeeding, baby wearing presents a whole new host of challenges. Keep to shirts you don’t have to tuck in whenever possible, or get shirts designed for nursing moms; it’ll make your life a lot easier when your little one gets hungry while you’re out. Fitted shirts are also less distracting visually than flowing sleeves when paired with a baby carrier.

You can have stylish shoes and good support at the same time, if you know where to look! Make sure you get sturdy shoes for baby wearing; no one wants to fall down with their child strapped to their chest.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to showing off the best accessory you have: Your baby.