The benefits of baby wearing for Mom

Attachment parenting offers natural and economic benefits to a busy mom

Atlanta, 12 August, 2014. It is well known that babies benefit from being carried next to their mother’s chest. They are less fussy, they cry less and they sleep better. However, it is evident that baby wearing benefits mom, as much as baby.

Wearing your baby in a carrier can actually make for a better connection between mother and child. It paves the way for better communication. According to The Natural Child Project, “When we hold our baby close in a sling, we become finely attuned to his gestures and facial expressions. Many baby-wearing parents report that they have never learned to distinguish their baby’s cries – because their babies are able to communicate effectively without crying! ” In essence, baby-wearing mothers are more responsive to their baby’s cues and signs, which has tremendous benefits for mother and baby alike.

A mother who wears her baby is also more confident in her ability to care for her child. According to author Laura Sturdy, anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that this increased confidence could help combat postnatal depression. Women who suffer from postnatal depression frequently have trouble bonding with their child. However, baby carrying promotes closeness and bonding between mother and child—reducing the chance of depression.

An obvious benefit of baby-wearing is convenience. For busy moms, having at least one hand free, is a welcome luxury. Baby wearing also helps in the pocketbook. Strollers and car seats are expensive, not to mention how clunky and awkward they are to lug around. Baby carriers, however, are very economical and can be purchased for relatively cheap. Wearing your baby is both natural and cost-effective for moms.

Mothers who carry their babies also reap the extra reward of added exercise. Imagine carrying a twenty-pound weight around all day. For busy mothers who don’t have time to get to the gym, this makes losing their baby weight easy. A simple hip carrier like the SUPPORi baby carrier offers a way to keep your baby close while burning those extra calories.

Baby-wearing has also been found to reduce crying in infants significantly. Researchers found that wearing your baby for three hours a day reduced infant crying by forty-three percent—a benefit that would please any mom.

Baby-wearing is on the rise. It’s an easy, natural, affordable way to reduce the amount of stress in every mother’s life.

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