Trend alert! Modern day dads are now taking a more hands-on role in raising their kids

Trend alert! Modern day dads are now taking a more hands-on role in raising their kids.With an increasing trend of babywearing among men, the top baby product manufacturers are targeting fathers with new products geared just to them.

Atlanta, 5th Feb, 2014 – Babywearing is no longer limited to moms as more and more men are getting more involved in raising their children. Babywearing for dads is gaining popularity all over the world because the traditional concept of fatherhood has changed drastically over the last few decades. Babywearing is certainly a great way for fathers to spend some quality time with their little ones. This not only helps them bond with their babies, but also streamlines going out with the baby, soothing the baby, and while allowing them to keep their hands free to do things they need to do.

Sharing his first babywearing experience, John Brown says, “Although I was initially a bit hesitant about wearing Samuel outside, I finally decided that having a calm baby is a lot more important than worrying about looking different. To my amusement, I received nothing but positive comments and adoring looks from strangers during my first babywearing outing.”

According to recently published United States Census Data, the number of men who have left their jobs to look after their kids has more than doubled over the last decade. The report further mentions that at present, around 626,000 American men are happy to take care of their children while their wife works. The slow but steady evolution of the at-home dad is now making an impact beyond their homes, too.

The changing social scenario has already made an impact on the top manufacturers of baby carriers and dads are now emerging as an important demographic. Though any baby carrier can be used by both men and women, there are some carriers that may be more suitable for men. It has been observed that most of the babywearing dads prefer using baby carriers that are easy to use, comfortable, and lightweight. Manufactured by one of the world’s oldest manufacturer of baby slings, SUPPORi has taken the leading role in making life easier for baby wearing dad by offering many masculine colors and offering sizes that fit comfortably on all shapes and heights of men.

SUPPORi baby slings are designed to simplify babywearing for dads with its unique design features. Their baby slings are durable, user friendly, lightweight, and available in larger sizes. Just to suit the taste of their emerging pool of male customers, SUPPORi is also available in several ‘manly’ colors.

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