3-Way baby Carrier

  • Cradle-Hold Position
  • Face-to-face position
  • Piggy-Back Position

Features & Benefits

  • Our 3D mesh material is permeable and breathable. The quick-dry material prevents overheating. Air is allowed to flow freely, keeping baby comfortable and at ease.
  • The Side Plus Mesh allows for a moderate stretch and mold around the shape of both baby and parent, ensuring superior comfort.
  • Our wide waist belt disperses baby's weight evenly, allowing you to carry baby longer. Because it is also flexible, the waist belt will fit the wearer more comfortably.
  • Our mesh material allows air to move freely though the carrier, keeping baby cool and avoiding dreaded heat rashes throughout the year.
  • The removable, quick-dry material acts as a bib cover, allowing you the convenience of removing and separately washing the carrier's dirtiest parts without needing to wash the whole thing.
  • Our removable support board protects the fragile heads and necks of newborn babies, who can rest lying down in the comfort of a parent's loving arms.

Product Material

With the exception of the waist belt, buckles and the support board, the Side Plus Mesh is made entirely out of permeable mesh, allowing air to flow freely through it.

Recommended Age

Cradle-Hold position:
From 10 days old until baby can hold up their head (approx. 4 mos.)

Face-to-Face position:
From when baby holds up their head (approx. 4 mos.)
to approx. 24 mos./28 lbs./13 kg.

Piggy-Back position:
From when baby holds up their head (approx. 4 mos.)
to approx. 36 mos./33 lbs./15 kg.

Support Board

Why is the support board important?

According to leading chiropractors, baby carriers for infants should support the neck and head, and not place the infant's lower body in a weight-bearing position too early. The support board was specifically designed with this in mind. In addition, the support board also prevents choking caused when babies are hunched over with their chins touching their chests.

Available Colors

  • Gray
  • Navy Blue

Be one of the happy babies & happy parents

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A flexible baby carrier that allows you to carry your child in cradle-hold, face-to-face, or piggy-back position.


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Sideplus Mesh Baby Carrier

Sideplus Mesh Baby Carrier