About Us

My name is Gioula (gee-oh-la) Chelten. I am a mother of 5, and the owner of Lucky Baby World. Officially, I am the product try-er at Lucky Baby World and I am really into babywearing. This did not come naturally to me — I was not one of those people who always knew they would follow “attachment parenting” principles. But, after my first baby was worn and he refused to be put down, I knew that I needed a way to keep him close and happy and still be able to do everything I needed to (as a self-employed mother).I went through several baby carriers and slings in the past but I never felt satisfied. I was still looking for that one carrier when I happened to notice a man in the mall, using a baby carrier that I thought was magnificent. It turns out, the carrier he was using was made by Lucky Baby – the oldest baby carrier manufacturer in Japan. . I fell in love with their products, and I suppose the rest as they say, is history.


At Lucky Baby World, we are parents too – we know how rough it gets. We all know how crazy our lives have become. And modern parents had to learn to multi-task if they want to get everything done. That’s why we are here. And this is why we actively find and promote products that we know have already been parent tested and approved, but secondly and most importantly, we have personally tried and tested each product that we sell directly from our site. It’s in our bags and diaper bags, or in the back of the van. This is why we can speak passionately about every product on our site. They have made our lives simpler; if used as directed, they will do the same for you. Each product has been created with comfort, security, ease of use, and practicality in mind. And then, only after it has been thoroughly tested, we may deem it worthy to hit the site. After all, it is our reputation, and we want you to like it as much as we do.

We will always do our best to give you all the information you need on any given product, and also help you understand the pros and cons of each product.


With decades of experience and innovation, and many high-quality, parent-approved baby carriers, the Lucky Baby Company, founded in 1934, considers themselves to be pioneers of the baby carrier industry. Their brand enjoys a 30% market share in Japanese department stores, specialty stores, and retailers.

Lucky Baby World is a proud representative of the Lucky Company. Our aim is to offer you the fruits of Lucky’s experience, technology, and passion in the world of babywearing.

As we promote and encourage babywearing for all parents, we also consider the safety and comfort of babies to be serious business. Lucky Baby continues to invest in products, aspiring to truly make them the best of the best. Proof of this commitment is further recognized in the prestigious awards worldwide their products have won and their growing market share. We are also very proud of their rapid growth across the rest of Asia, Europe, and the U.S.Research, Technology, Quality. With Lucky Baby, so much research goes into every product. Like, what parents want, what it feels like to “wear” a baby, what fabric would work best, where do babywearing injuries develop and why they occur and how to prevent it. Then, their technology is advanced in that they actively search for pain points that parents experience and try to resolve it. And finally, the quality is unsurpassed. Every product goes through a series of tests and goes through approval by worldwide standards to ensure your child’s safety. Everything is stitched to perfection — we know that nothing is going to fray, nothing is going to get damaged in the washing machine, and everything is bound to last until your next child.

We endeavor to continually improve our products based on customer opinions. Customer satisfaction is important to us — it is our aim to constantly improve on perfection. Our work is a labor of love. We do it for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and caregivers. Your satisfaction is what we work and aim for. Drop us an email at support@luckybabyworld.com any time with your feedback, suggestions, or inquiries.