Yochi Yochi Child Safety Harness Wins the Mom’s Choice Award

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Yochi Yochi Baby Harness Win's Moms Choice Award

The popular Yochi Yochi portable high chair & baby harness recently won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. If you don’t know, the Mom’s Choice Award is a widely respected program that evaluates a wide variety of products created for children and families. To win the Mom’s Choice Award, a product undergoes careful consideration by a panel of judges, including various experts in fields related to health and education, parents, librarians, teachers and others who work closely with children on a daily basis.

How Was the Product Judged?

In order to win the Mom’s Choice award, a panel tested and scored the Yochi Yochi in a number of categories. This evaluation process looked at the quality, design, educational value, originality, cost and overall appeal of the item. All judging was done by parties devoted to objective analysis, who are not influenced or affiliated in any way with the companies and products they evaluate.

During the appraisal process, the Yochi Yochi portable high chair had to meet or exceed expectations in three important qualifying areas. First, it had to be proven safe and compliant with all US product safety standards. Second, it had to be up-to-date in style and measure up technologically to other similar items on the market. Last, the Yochi Yochi baby harness had to be easy for consumers to find and purchase.

Why Apply for This Particular Award?

The Mom’s Choice Award is a coveted honor among companies who create, produce and manufacture goods for families and children. This award is sought after by corporations, organizations, independent sellers, experts and even celebrities, due to its respected reputation for rigorous and thorough testing as well as its impartiality. Although based in the United States, the Mom’s Choice Award is respected worldwide and has received entries from more than 40 countries. Winning the Mom’s Choice seal of approval brings peace of mind to informed consumers who want only the best products for their family.

Benefits of Winning This Award

All of us at Lucky Baby World are proud to have won this respected award, and happy to share that good news with our customers. We know that our products are safe, stylish, convenient and durable, so having a neutral panel of judges and experts verify those facts is certainly rewarding. We look forward to growing the Yochi Yochi product line, and possibly winning even more awards like this one in the future.

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