Yochi Yochi 3-in-1 Child Safety Harness Wins the 2015 Family Choice Award

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Yochi Yochi Child Safety Harness Wins 2015 Family Choice Award

Moms everywhere voiced their approval and awarded the Yochi Yochi the 2015 Family Choice Award. The Yochi Yochi is a portable high chair and convenient toddler harness, so it’s easy to see why it recently garnered the accolades of discerning parents.

The Yochi Yochi is three child safety products in one: a walking harness, portable high chair, and shopping cart safety strap.

Safety First

The Yochi Yochi was designed with child safety in mind. Keeping little ones secure while making life easier for parents was Lucky Baby World’s mission when they invented this perfect marriage of security and convenience for parents everywhere. Small enough to store easily and versatile enough to be a necessity for any outing, the Yochi Yochi is an easy-to-use must-have for parents of toddlers and children up to five years old.

Lightweight, Yet Durable Material

The Yochi Yochi is breathable — even when it’s sunny, there’s no need to worry about heat rashes. The inner lining keeps air moving, so sweat and moisture don’t build up. And since it’s machine washable, it’s easy to keep clean. The loop for the walking harness affords a strong grip, and the 27.5-inch strap makes it easy for even the tallest parents to use.

Whether navigating a busy environment, shopping at the supermarket, or having dinner with family and friends, families use the Yochi Yochi.

A Trip to the Grocery

Toddlers like to squirm in their seats, and not all carts come with a strap. Using the Yochi Yochi as a cart safety strap makes grocery shopping a little less headache-inducing. Remove the harness from a handbag or back pocket, and instantly secure your youngster in a cart, or to your waist for a rest when the shopping is done.

A Walk in the Park

The expression “a walk in the park” was not coined with toddlers in mind. Children are naturally curious, which means a walk in the park can be a nightmare if children are not properly supervised. Ever had a toddler who decided it was time to spontaneously sprint toward the lake to feed the ducks? With a walking harness that also serves as a strap, exploring a nature trail, feeding the ducks, and taking a rest on the park bench can be a relaxing activity for both toddler and parent!

A Family Dinner Outing

Eating out with the family can be a chore if the restaurant doesn’t have a reliable high chair. Having the Yochi Yochi handy makes including baby in your reservation at your favorite family restaurant a whole lot easier. Since it’s a portable high chair, there’s no need to worry about escaping toddlers, and the waiter can rest assured there will be no sudden baby escapades.

Additional Features

– Fits most chairs

– Available in Red Rocket and Swifty Black

– Durable Velcro ensures no sudden escapes

– Light material for traveling

– Easy-to-clean fabric — machine washable

– Pleased parents, secure babies

When the Family Choice Awards selected the Yochi Yochi 3-in-1 child safety harness, the judges appreciated its ease of use, and ability to go on long vacations as well as quick trips around town. The strap not only keeps children safe, but its versatility makes a busy parent’s life less complicated and stressful. The end result for this award-winning product? Lots of secure babies, and plenty of pleased parents.

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