SUPPORi Baby Carrier Press Release – Yet another benefit for babywearing: lose weight with baby carriers from Lucky Baby USA – March 6, 2014

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Suppori and Losing Weight

Most modern day parents use their baby carriers as an effective way to keep their babies close, and safe. However, baby carriers offer more than convenience. Without extra effort, mom or dad may achieve their exercise and weight loss goals, just by carrying their babies. Lucky Baby USA offers baby carriers that make baby-wearing comfortable and easy, which could result in your carrying your baby longer, and reaping some unintended weight loss rewards.

Atlanta, 6 March, 2014

Baby carriers offer an easy, effective method of keeping baby close and safe. By using a baby carrier or sling, tired arms are reduced, and if you have a great baby carrier, baby carrying injuries can be illuminated. While that is an important benefit, baby wearing offers several additional benefits to parents. Unbeknownst to many parents, carrying their offspring around sporadically during the day can help them achieve exercise goals and reduce unwanted pounds. Wearing your baby acts like a weight vest, adding pounds and helping you burn calories and fat throughout the day.

Newborn babies are relatively light, and holding a 7lb baby for 10 minutes will not result in a big fluctuation on your scale, but carrying around a baby who continually gains weight, for an extended period, is likely to result in movement on the scale. In fact, some compare baby wearing to working out, saying that baby wearing is an excellent method of losing pregnancy weight. Many moms wear their babies throughout the day while they are performing everyday chores like laundry, vacuum cleaning, etc. So it would really be a good idea if parents could lose weight with baby carriers. Once you incorporate babywearing into your everyday life, you can do it for hours a day and lose weight in the process. For an average sized woman, walking for 30 minutes can result in a 110 calorie loss, but walking with a 26lb toddler for the same time, can result in a 230 calorie loss – that’s more than doubled.

Most parents who choose to include babywearing in their exercise regime prefer to walk. This method is easy and effective because baby can be strapped on in under a minute. The heavier your baby, the greater the work-out. But there are various other methods of exercising with baby, like dancing, weight training, etc.

What’s great about Lucky Baby carriers, is that all carriers are breathable and light. That means, no discomfort for baby due to sweating because the fabric absorbs moisture, and stretches and molds around baby and parent’s shape. While front and back carriers are favored by serious baby wearing exercisers, simple hip carriers like the SUPPORi baby carrier also offers an excellent way to keep your baby close, and help you burn some calories. Carriers such as the SUPPORi are great for everyday activities like grocery shopping and running errands, plus they provide parents the convenience of quickly and easily getting baby settled. Because a SUPPORi can fit into a small handbag or dad’s pocket, you can always have an exercise opportunity just a minute away.

Suppori Baby Sling and Losing Weight

Baby carriers from Lucky Baby are capable of carrying babies up to 40 lbs, which is a lot of weight to carry around with you, ensuring an excellent calorie burn. But don’t be discouraged if that number seems excessive. A new mom would likely not be comfortable carrying a 40lb child, but as your baby gains weight, your muscles get stronger, enabling you to manage heavier weights.

About the Company: Lucky Baby was formed in 1934 in Japan, and is one of the oldest baby carrier manufacturers in the world. The company now operates all over the world and is known as the pioneer in the global baby carrier industry.

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