Why Use a Child Safety Harness?

Using a Child Safety Harness

Walking harnesses for children, like the Yochi Yochi, are a hot topic of debate among parents. There are just as many who find them a practical parenting tool as there are those who think they’re restrictive and lazy. So, what are the benefits to owning and using a safety harness for your little one?

Peace of Mind

When you’re out in a crowded area, it can get difficult to keep track of your child – especially if they’re fast, strong-willed, and/or particularly curious. One wrong turn to explore and you’ve lost track of them, and suddenly you’re living a parent’s worst nightmare! Harnesses allow your little one some freedom of movement, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing they’re at the other end of a short connection and can’t get too far away.

Of course, this is no substitute for actually keeping an eye on your toddler, so they don’t pull the strap into someone else’s path or get hurt on the other end. It does, however, make minding them a little bit easier, a blessing when you’re trying to do errands.

Minding Multiple Children

Maybe you’re pregnant and don’t have the energy to chase after your current toddler. Maybe you have multiples, or two little ones close in age – it’s like they conspire to take off in opposite directions sometimes! Instead of having to exhaust yourself or pick one of the two to chase after, you can keep an eye on everyone and save your energy.


Airports and rest stops are big, unfamiliar areas for small children. They want to see everything they can in this neat new place, while you’re trying to keep to a schedule – especially in the airport, where everything’s on a tight schedule and security lines take forever. A safety harness can be the perfect solution in these areas, allowing your little one a little freedom to roam and you to rein them in when it’s time to get moving again.

Harnesses can also come in handy when you reach your destination – at museums, theme parks, and other places where your attention is as much on the sights as it is your child.


No one questions the effectiveness of a stroller when it comes to transporting kids in public spaces. But strollers can be bulky and heavy, don’t go up escalators or stairs, and don’t allow energetic toddlers to run around while they’re being kept safe. A walking harness gives them the freedom to burn off some of that energy – which might make naptime come more easily once you’re home and through with your errands.

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