The Yochi Yochi Travel Harness Is Making Quite a Splash

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Yochi Yochi Travel Harness

The Yochi Yochi is a combination portable high chair/ baby harness that is taking the world of attachment parenting by storm. For those of you who aren’t in the loop yet, how parents fall in love with the Yochi Yochi is a fairly typical progression. First, the parents try to take their kids out to dinner with them a few times. However, they are never sure if the restaurant will have a high chair that fits. When the inevitable occurs and the kids don’t fit, they wind up in mom and dad’s laps. This is cute for a few minutes, but makes a dinner mighty uncomfortable. This is an annoyance, but the parents figure that it is just part of raising kids.

Next, the parents try taking their kids out to the mall. This is a great time for some family fun — everyone can go shopping, spend time together, and relax. Right? Wrong. The kids spend the whole time trying to run around, look at store windows, jump into fountains, talk to strangers, ride the escalator, and generally get into trouble. Usually, they take off in opposite directions. At the end of the exhausting day, the parents come home and try to find a solution.

That’s when they come across the Yochi Yochi travel harness online. Mom decides that enough is enough, and looks for something that will stop the kids from dashing away. The Yochi Yochi comes up as a top-selling product on many different sites, and eventually the parents decide to order one. It’s quite a simple concept — a harness with a strap that fits children. The Yochi Yochi can do so much more, though. Slipping each kid into one while out at the mall means that they can’t run away anymore — the harness keeps them close to their parents. The Yochi Yochi completely removes the problem of having to go somewhere that already has high chairs that fit the kids — those restaurant seats are now all effectively high chairs. It also works as a safety harness for children riding in shopping carts.

Finding something this useful online inspires a lot of people to leave feedback. Now, online reviews are hardly the most unbiased source of information. Usually, it’s the most passionate buyers who care enough to leave a review, so that skews things somewhat. That said, it’s still informative to see how people feel about a product like the Yochi Yochi. Check out the Amazon reviews. Just look at the ratings — out of 26 reviews, 23 are five stars. That kind of ratio is hard to achieve. Then look at what the reviewers have to say. Chanel Chamberlin says about the high chair feature, “To be honest, these straps are cleaner and more sturdy than any straps you would come across on a high chair and we feel he is safe in this.” Sam Stager adds, “I am so in love with this portable chair strap! My family eats out a lot and there aren’t always high chairs available. This is the perfect solution!” The reviews almost unanimously say the Yochi Yochi succeeds in its three functions — baby harness, portable high chair, and shopping cart safety strap. Just take a look and you will see how useful it is for something that can be stuffed into a diaper bag. The Yochi Yochi is one of the best gadgets for parents of young children on the market, just in terms of how much effort it saves them.

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