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Choosing the Right Portable High Chair

Maybe it’s time for your little one’s first high chair; maybe they’ve outgrown the one they used to sit in, and you’re considering a more ‘big kid’-appropriate option. Either way, portable high chairs are definitely worth a look! They come in a few different styles, but still have some of the same considerations as standard […]

High Chair Safety Tips

You might think the high chair is a safe place for baby to sit – and when used properly, it is. However, it’s very possible for small children to hurt themselves by falling out of their high chairs! Most injuries that result from improper high chair use are head injuries, and the vast majority of […]

So It’s Time To Buy a High Chair

Your little one grows up fast – one minute they’re barely able to hold their own head up, and the next it’s time to start them on the road to solid food. When that time comes (usually when they’re about six months old), a high chair is a valuable investment, making it far easier to […]

Standard High Chairs vs Portable High Chairs: Baby Gear with Safety in Mind

Whether to get a standard high chair or a portable high chair is only one of the consumer decisions parents must make. The inevitable reality of having children is the costs that come along with it. There’s the diapers, the wipes, the clothes, not to mention the baby gear — each item serves a purpose […]