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Restaurant High Chairs: What You Should Know, but Wish You Didn’t

If you’ve already invested in a portable high chair, you’re probably aware of the issues parents face when it comes time to secure their child into a seat in public. If you’ve yet to make an investment in a portable system to ensure your child’s safety, you may now be wondering why you didn’t do […]

Safety Tips for Shopping With Kids

Each parent knows the joys of shopping with kids (sarcasm… for some of us)—but what happens when the shopping carts safety strap doesn’t work and your baby harness isn’t effective? Unfortunately, thousands of kids are injured by shopping carts each year. Even when following the instructions, carts can prove to be very dangerous. While it […]

How to Avoid Losing Your Kids in Public

Although most people find it humorous when they see a small child walking with a leash or a baby harness on at an amusement park, they likely don’t understand the peace of mind that it offers the parents. Parents rank losing a child as five times more concerning than terrorism and three times more worrisome […]

Grocery Cart Danger! Protect your baby from unexpected falls

When you’re a parent, so many everyday things can become hazardous to your young children. They’re learning the ways of the world and we as parents keep our eyes out for potential dangers. The problem is, these everyday things, like grocery shopping, can have some dangers we may not think of, like the grocery cart. […]