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Baby Elan Reviews the Suppori

BabyElan has posted a SUPPORi review on their site!

BabyElan {daily} is a website that specializes in helping new and expecting parents and gift-givers find products outside of the usual baby-care sources. Its writers look for fun products you can’t find just anywhere that will make parents’ and babies’ lives easier, greener, and more fun. We were really pleased to hear that one of their writers tested out and reviewed our SUPPORi for the blog’s International Baby Wearing Week.

Here’s what she had to say:

I loved wearing my son in the SUPPORi on very hot days! It kept both of us cool and comfortable. I can see how keeping the SUPPORi in my purse when my son gets older will really come in handy. The sling is designed to work with your deltoid muscle, which will allow you to carry your child longer, more comfortably. Much better than holding a toddler who is tired of walking!

Baby Elan with the Suppori

We love it when real parents get excited about our product and help spread the word! The SUPPORi is great for moms on the go, and comes in a number of stylish colors.

You can check out the full review at


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