SUPPORi baby carrier wins Mom’s Choice Award 2012

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The Suppori Baby Carrier Wins the 2012 Mom's Choice Award

“And the hits just keep on coming.”

That’s what we, the Lucky Baby Team, have been saying about winning yet another award for the SUPPORi baby carrier. That’s two awards this year!

The SUPPORi baby sling was launched in 2010, and promptly sold 50,000 units in Japan alone. That same year, SUPPORi won the very prestigious Good Design Award (Asia), described as the world’s most prestigious global award for new product designs and graphics. In 2011, the SUPPORi was again recognized for its design and benefits to babies and parents, winning the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award (North America) and the Naissance Award (Europe). More recently, in 2012, SUPPORi was once again recognized with the Creative Child Magazine’s Gold Seal as a Top Choice. In addition to this achievement, SUPPORi also won the Mom’s Choice Award (North America), where entrant products are reviewed by parents, intended consumers, industry experts, and professional judges from over 18 countries worldwide. So far, 2012 has been a wonderful year for SUPPORi, and the trend continues as sales spread around the world.

The designers of the SUPPORi started their design with three goals in mind: Create a baby hip sling that is safe for baby, comfortable to wear, and easy to use. They have certainly hit the ball out of the park with their design because they reached their goals.

SUPPORi is a fitted hip sling designed to provide convenience for the on-the-go, modern-day parent and caregiver who wants to keep their little one close. It provides maximum comfort to both the baby and baby-wearer. If worn as directed, SUPPORi alleviates baby-wearing injuries like stiff necks or shoulders and sore backs. The SUPPORi is designed in such a way that it molds around baby and parent’s shape, tucking baby into a “pocket” and thus keeping baby safe and secure.

Manufactured using triple-stitch technology and the same yarn that is used in motor vehicle parts, SUPPORi is ultra-durable, providing maximum stretch and strength. It can be used from the time a baby can sit up unsupported into his/her toddlerhood (28 lbs). Because of its structure and design, the SUPPORi stretches and grows with your baby. As such, there is no need to replace the sling as the child grows. In fact, if used as directed, the sling can be used for the next baby. In addition to these benefits, SUPPORi is also light and compact; it fits into dad’s pants pocket or a small handbag. In fact, it weighs less than a smartphone.

SUPPORi is also available in a variety of trendy colors, sure to satisfy many tastes and preferences. We would like to sincerely thank all our supporters — it is always a pleasure serving you.

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