SUPPORi Baby Carrier Review: featured in The Eyes of a Boy Blog

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Eyes of a Boy Blog Reviews the Suppori

Mama Melissa was provided a complimentary SUPPORi Baby Carrier and it was a hit!! Not only did Melissa find the SUPPORi to be a superior product, but baby L was quite a fan too.

Melissa is a baby wearer.  She already owned many baby carriers but had never before tried a sling.  To wear the SUPPORi Baby Carrier, Melissa simply put one end over her shoulder and the other end down around the baby’s bottom, then stretched it up over the baby’s back for added support.  She quickly found that the SUPPORi is made of a super strong, and flexible, woven material.

Melissa and Baby L wears the Suppori

Although the SUPPORi is not a one-size-fits-all sling, you can order the size that best fits your body.The SUPPORi is also very lightweight and can easily by folded up and thrown into a diaper bag or purse.  The SUPPORi comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and sizes.

Melissa really liked the SUPPORi for long term use, as it fits babies from sitting-up age (about 4-6 months) all the way up through 28 pounds!!  She says:

It is actually so easy, quick, and comfortable to use.”  When I put my little baby, Baby L, who is now 5 months old, into the sling he loved it! He was so happy to be sitting on my hip and supported by the sling. (You should always keep one hand on the baby’s back or bottom). Since the SUPPORi is woven, it doesn’t retain heat, and baby is always cool and comfortable.

Suppori is easy to use

SUPPORi’s full line of products is available at Lucky Baby World Shop, Facebook, and Twitter. You can view Mama Melissa’s complete review at !


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