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Dragon Fly reviews the Suppori

Amber, maintainer of the blog DragonFly Sweetnest, is a busy stay-at-home mom who loves to review all sorts of useful products, including those for baby care. She recently tried our SUPPORi baby carrier and offers her review.

With three kids, finding the time to get everything you need to get done can be a little hard. So, having something to help me get things done while doing what Lillian wants, which is being held the baby sling is amazing.

Amber of Dragon Fly loves the Suppori

We’re always thrilled to hear that people enjoy our products, and Amber seemed to enjoy using the SUPPORi baby carrier! She found it easy to learn to use and comfortable to wear. What’s more, not only did she like the SUPPORi, but her little one did too:

The sling has really helped in making my house cleaning much easier while I am holding Lillian. Lillian really likes the baby sling to because she is right with me and comfortable. This is such a great baby sling and can see it being used over and over again.

Please be advised that the SUPPORi baby carrier is not for newborn babies, but babies who can sit up by themselves, up to 33 lbs. You can use THE SAME SUPPORI baby carrier from approximately 5 months when some babies start sitting up, to 2yrs (or longer until 33lbs) because this baby carrier stretches as your child grows.

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Trinity says on May 06 2015

    Agree completely – we love our Suppori – so easy to use, great for quick ups and downs, and fold down really small. What’s not to love! 🙂

    1. LuckyBabyWorld says on May 07 2015

      Thanks so much Trinity! We are really glad you like our Suppori!

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