SUPPORi baby carrier featured in Parole De Mamans Magazine, 2012 Summer issue – France

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The 2012 Summer Edition of Parole de Mamans Features the Suppori Baby Carrier

Founded in 2004, Parole De Mamans is a French magazine that gives voice to the parents, providing tricks, tips, interviews with experts and moms! We’re proud how our SUPPORi baby carrier got featured in its 2011 summer issue.

(The article below has been translated to English. We have made every effort to maintain accuracy.)

SUPPORi is very easy to use and compact to carry (just 80g). SUPPORi’s round shape fits perfectly to your body and also baby’s hip and back. There are 29 color variations, so you can find your favorite color!

Besides, SUPPORi is entirely made of mesh. Therefore, you feel very comfortable even in the summer. SUPPORi bears the baby’s weight at the edge of his/her shoulder. This helps prevent shoulder stiffness.

SUPPORi is an innovative baby carrier from Japan. At a lightweight 80g (size M), it is very comfortable for the wearer and the baby thanks to its ergonomic design.

Perfect for summer, there are 29 colors [currently (June 2012), only 15 are available in the U.S.], so we have a large selection to choose from! It is lightweight and compact, which allows you to get your child into the sling quick and easy. The baby carrier can be used from when the child can sit up by themselves, up 13 kg [28lb]. When the child is in the sling, you should always have a hand behind their back and follow their movements.

The notice from Evelyne of Parole De Mamans:

This baby carrier is very light, reminiscent of a scarf. It can be worn in water: an asset for the holidays, especially since it does not take up space in your bag. I can wear it under a jacket or coat — that’s very practical!

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