SUPPORi baby carrier featured in FQ Japan Magazine, 2011 Summer issue – Japan

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Suppori Featured in the 2011 Summer Edition of FQ Magazine Japan

FQ, short for “Fathers Quarterly,” is a quarterly magazine for fathers launched in 2003 in the UK. The magazine is aimed at new dads and single dads whose lifestyles have changed due to having children, but are still interested in fashion, cars and gadgets. In 2006, the first issue of FQ Japan was published.

Dads Love the Suppori Baby Sling

(The article below has been translated to English. We have made every effort to maintain accuracy.)

Explore with your baby using a new type of baby carrier.

This compact baby carrier is great for walks on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or any type of outdoor activity.

The “SUPPORi” received the Good Design Award in 2010. This baby carrier is very light, compact to carry, and so easy to wear. You do not have to deal with any complicated ties, adjustments, or buckles. You wear the sling across your body, and put your baby in the sling.

The knit material fits snugly and stretches from your shoulder to under the baby’s arm for superior stability. Because of SUPPORi’s mesh structure, your baby can feel comfortable even in hot weather.

The SUPPORi is also perfect for carrying your baby into water, thus keeping baby close and safe. For your baby’s safety and security, SUPPORI is the best choice. It is made of an ultra-durable yarn which is also used in the automotive field. The thread is triple-plied to achieve maximum strength and stretch. It is a very simple carrier, but safe, effective, and comfortable. Moreover, it’s pocket-sized. You can place SUPPORi in the bag and always carry it with you.

This new type of baby carrier will become a constant companion for you and your baby.

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