5-In-1 Winter Cover

The Kurumi Ket is a super awesome stroller blanket that also moonlights as a baby carrier cover, nursing cover, toddler poncho and blankie.

Stroller Blanket

Your comfy blankie will keep baby warm when you are out and about in the stroller. The Kurumi Ket easily straps onto the stroller, preventing unwanted drops. By adjusting the drawstring, you can create a pouch to keep baby's legs warm.

Nursing Cover

Generous size keeps mom covered while breastfeeding.

Baby Carrier Cover

Your Kurumi Ket will keep baby warm and comfortable when you are out and about. Whether baby is being carried in the front, or enjoying a piggy back ride, your Kurumi Ket can accommodate your mood and preference.


Stay warm and comfortable (or play Superheroes/Wizards).


A blanket that has been loved and snuggled with becomes a "blankie." Keep it close at bedtime, movie time, or whenever the mood strikes.

Features & Benefits

  • • Versatile - grows with your baby up to 5 yrs. old
  • • Easy to use, remove and store
  • • Double-layered fleece provides warmth and comfort
  • • Compatible with most front and piggy-back carriers
  • • Drawstring allows you to create a warm pouch for baby's legs
  • • Seam sealed for additional protection from the wind and elements
  • • Flexible design accommodates babies and toddlers without compromising their warmth or comfort

Product Material

Face side:
polyester 100% fleece (coral fleece)

Back side:
polyester 100% fleece (Sheep Boa fleece)

Recommended Age

The Kurumi Ket is a versatile baby carrier cover that can be used from the time your child is a baby, all the way up to 5 yrs.

It is warm and comfortable, but also strong and durable—keeping your child warm and happy for years to come. Its innovative design means you can use it virtually anywhere.

Kurumi Ket Double Cozy Available Colors

More colors and fun prints coming soon!

  • Blue Skies
  • Dark Skies
  • Gray Skies

Be one of the happy babies & happy parents

See photos of parents in our Kurumi Ket Gallery. Already bought a Kurumi Ket? Share your photos with us, send us an email

Your child can enjoy it from birth up to toddlerhood!


Need More Information?

Download the Owner's Manual for the Kurumi Ket Baby Carrier (PDF)

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Kurumi Ket Stroller Blanket

Kurumi Ket Stroller Blanket