Kurumi Ket Wins the Prestigious Mom’s Choice Award

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Kurumi Ket baby carrier cover wins the Mom's Choice Awards

The Kurumi Ket Baby Carrier Cover and the Mom’s Choice Awards

The Kurumi Ket baby carrier cover was created with discerning moms in mind; thanks to this design philosophy, it has won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards (MCAs). The Kurumi Ket successfully went through the rigorous review process employed by the MCAs in order to earn this award. The recognition by the Mom’s Choice Awards is proof positive that the Kurumi Ket is a product that can be trusted to provide a little one with protection, comfort and safety for years to come.

A Multi-Use Baby Carrier Cover

As any mother knows, many baby products end up getting used for a wide variety of tasks, whether they were designed to or not! The Kurumi Ket baby carrier cover was designed with this in mind. Not only is the Kurumi Ket an excellent baby carrier cover, but it can also serve as a nursing cover, a stroller cover, a poncho and a blankie.

Moms know that keeping their baby safe and warm while out and about is vital for the comfort and well-being of their precious little one, and a high-quality baby carrier cover is an essential tool to help keep a child snug and comfortable. With the absolute glut of products out on the market today, it can be hard for a mom to know what products are worth buying. There are so many companies peddling products and making grandiose promises that it can be difficult for a discerning mom to know who she can trust. This is why the stamp of approval by the Mom’s Choice Awards is so important.

The Mom’s Choice Awards Criteria

The MCAs were created to evaluate the various products available for babies and children. This United States-based organization has reviewed thousands of childcare products from all over the world. The judges for the MCAs are experts on childcare: scientists, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, librarians, etc. Prestigious members include Dr. Twila C. Liggett, the founder of Reading Rainbow on PBS, and Julie Aigner-Clark, the creator of Baby Einstein. To get important firsthand impressions, since mothers are ultimately the ones who know what works and what doesn’t, the MCAs also rely on input from moms about products they have used.

The MCAs adhere to a strict ethical code that ensures they receive no outside pressure from manufacturers. When evaluating a product, the judges look at a wide variety of factors to determine the merit of a product, such as originality, design, overall quality, cost, educational value and entertainment value. Furthermore, for a product to even be considered by the MCAs, it must be safe as determined by either the US Food and Drug Administration and/or the US Consumer Product Safety Commission; the product must also be currently produced and readily available for purchase by parents and educators through major retailers, whether through a large physical store or an online marketplace like Amazon.

Companies and developers actively seek to have their products evaluated by the MCAs. Because the MCAs are impartial and utilize such a strict and thorough review system, manufacturers of children’s products know that a good evaluation from the MCAs will prove that the product is a winner. The Kurumi Ket baby carrier cover earning this award shows its makers’ dedication to producing the best baby products on the market.

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