Keeping Baby Wearing Fun

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Keeping Baby Waering Fun

Baby wearing is a great way to bond with your little one while keeping your hands free – but did you know it’s also an excellent boost to your postpartum workout routine?  Carrying around a baby’s worth of weight all day helps you get a little exercise and shed that extra pregnancy weight a little faster.

You don’t just have to stick to ordinary baby wearing, though.  Dance studios are starting to offer baby wearing dance classes, which are exactly what they sound like; you learn a choreographed routine with other new moms, while all of you are carrying your tykes.  You get all the benefit of a workout session without having to find a babysitter, you get a chance to meet other new parents, and the emotional benefits for you and your baby are well documented.  What’s not to like?

Classical dance studios are starting to get in on the action too, realizing that all the movement involved in dance is a natural baby calmer.  It stands to reason – they got used to moving around a lot with you in the womb, so they’re very used to being on the go and wrapped up tight.  As long as the dance routine doesn’t involve a lot of dips, it’s great exercise for you and great comfort for your little one!

In addition to dance, there are yoga and other fitness routines that are perfectly safe to do while baby wearing, many of which have instructions available online.  Walkers and runners can even start getting back up to speed for races and other events while baby wearing.  Be careful if you want to bring baby into your fitness routine – obviously, you shouldn’t wave weights around in their face! – but don’t be afraid to incorporate your little one into your exercise plans.

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