Grocery Cart Danger! Protect your baby from unexpected falls

Unexpected Falls from Grocery Carts

When you’re a parent, so many everyday things can become hazardous to your young children. They’re learning the ways of the world and we as parents keep our eyes out for potential dangers. The problem is, these everyday things, like grocery shopping, can have some dangers we may not think of, like the grocery cart.

According to The Washington Post, 24,000 kids are injured yearly from grocery cart accidents, which averages to about 66 kids each day. Falling from the cart was the number one reason kids are seen in the E.R from grocery cart accidents and they tend to happen to children under four years old. Because of these scary statistics, making sure you know and follow the safety protocols for when your baby is in a grocery cart is important.

So, what are some important to follow tips to protect your baby from grocery cart danger?

1. Don’t leave your child unattended.

It is a risk any time a parent takes their eyes off their child, but when you’re at the grocery store and your baby is placed in the grocery cart, leaving them unattended can have some serious consequences. By always making sure your child is with you and the cart is always within arm’s reach, you can help reduce the dangers from unexpected falls from the grocery cart.

2. Always use the safety straps.

Even the most well behaved kids can get antsy while grocery shopping and it’s not unheard of for a parent to turn their head away from their child in the grocery cart for one minute to reach for a tomato and next thing you know, the child is trying to climb right out of the cart.

That’s why it’s so important for you to always, yes always, use the straps that are provided in the grocery cart correctly on your child when their riding in the cart. If the straps on the cart are missing or broken, consider bringing your own. The Yoshi Yoshi is simple to use and safe for any grocery cart or chair.

3. Don’t place bucket car seat in the cart.

If you have a young baby and they’re still using the bucket-style car seat, it can be tempting to place that car seat right in the grocery cart where a child would sit, but don’t! Car seats are not built to fit in there securely and the car seat, and your baby, can potentially fall out! If you’re taking the bucket seat into the store with you either use a stroller for the car seat or place right into the basket part of the cart where you’d place your groceries.

4. Consider using a baby carrier.

If you don’t want to deal with the potential falls that can occur with your child riding in a grocery cart – you can always use a baby carrier! They’re great for kids who don’t or can’t sit still in the cart, for babies who like to be close to you, and it can be a whole lot safer than the cart.

You can use a smaller carrier that you can keep in your pocket or in the car for when you’re at the grocery store. Consider using a smaller baby carrier like the SUPPORi, which can be put on easily and can keep your child from the risks of the grocery cart.

5. Keep your baby seated.

Making sure your child is seated is a big safety tip for kids riding in the grocery cart. If they’re trying to stand, climb, or rocking the cart from not having their seat firmly planted, they could either fall out or have the cart topple right over. Doing so can cause a whole host of possible injuries and if you are struggling to keep your baby seated, you should consider wearing them or having them walk beside you instead.

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