Exercising With Baby: Shed Your Pregnancy Weight While Baby Wearing

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Exercise with Baby

Most women struggle to lose the extra pounds they put on during pregnancy after their baby is born. During your pregnancy, that extra weight is a good thing, since it helps baby grow and develop – but afterward? Afterward, it just sits on you and makes you uncomfortable. To top it all off, you might find that you can’t lose that weight by dieting, since you have to eat enough to produce the right amount of milk and breastfeed properly.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to counter those unwanted pounds and bond with your little one at the same time: baby wearing! Malaysian celebrity Chermaine Poo recently discussed incorporating her daughter into her workout routine, and how she settled on sling-carrying her little one as the best way to do it. She’s a big fan of slings like the Suppori and Sukkiri because they encourage healthy carrying positions for baby’s development.

When you think about it, exercising while baby wearing just plain makes sense. Your little one is a solid weight to carry around, and low-impact exercise like walking is very easy to do with a little extra weight strapped to your back or chest, or slung across your shoulders. And if you need to take the walk anyway, why not take it with your baby, and help them start seeing the world around them? You can also do simple stretches and squats while carrying your little one, provided your carrier is built right.

But adding baby wearing to your exercise routine doesn’t just benefit you. It’s also a great way to emotionally bond with your little one. Babies who are held more often hit their developmental milestones sooner, are easier to calm, and get more engaged with the world around them, since they can see a lot more of it from your hip than they can from the inside of a stroller. In addition, many carriers are adjustable through toddlerhood, so you can use them to stay in shape and bond with your child for a few years, and maybe even again with your next baby!

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