Why a Child Harness Can Be Your Best Accessory

Child Harness Best Accessory

Raising children in today’s world is extremely scary, not to mention tough. Everyone has a different view on what you should or should not do as a parent. This makes it extremely stressful to take your children out into public, especially to crowded areas. A child harness can make parenting easier, but some parents feel it is degrading to the child. Here are a few reasons that other parents swear that a child harness is their favorite parenting accessory.

Keeps Kids Safe

Unfortunately, a child harness is often dubbed a leash — the same thing used to keep pets under control. However, many mothers see the harness as a great way to keep children safe. They view the harness the same way they see a crib, stroller, car seat, or high chair. You child can walk close to you or your shopping cart, and you don’t have to worry about them running off into the street. Instead of using the harness to instruct your child how to act in public, use the harness as a backup to remind your child to hold your hand or stay by your side.

Handle Multiple Children

Children know when they outnumber the adults. Whether you are a parent of twins or have multiple young children, you know how overwhelming it can be to corral them while out in public. Children love to run in different directions at the same time; your options are to either use a stroller or purchase a child harness. A harness doesn’t take up excess room in your vehicle and is easy to maneuver around crowded stores.

Added Comfort in Crowded Spaces

Stranger anxiety is very common in younger children; they might prefer to sit in a stroller, but strollers aren’t always feasible in crowded places. In some cases, a baby carrier is best, but a child harness works great for children who can walk. This is especially true for children who are in grade school and too old to be carried, but still afraid of getting lost in a crowded space. They can place a few belongings in the backpack and know that you are on the other end of the harness. It also prevents someone from just grabbing your child and walking away without being noticed.

Gives the Child Freedom

Children want to feel independent, especially in preschool and early elementary school. A child harness gives the parents the knowledge that their child is safe while giving the child the ability to walk freely and feel independent. Everyone wins. Your child will not have their curiosity squelched, and you get the peace of mind that your child is not in danger.

Whether you decide to use a child harness or not is up to you and your child. It is a great accessory that can be used to keep your child safe, especially when approached from that viewpoint. Knowing that a gentle tug on the harness will bring your child close to your side will help ease your mind in a world full of dangers and scary situations.

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