Yochi Yochi Child Safety Harness

What To Expect When Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

Posted on: Sep 23 2015   Comments: (0)  

Vacations shouldn’t be stressful, but the new experiences that come with long plane trips can throw your little ones for a loop. Here are a few tips to get you through traveling with babies and toddlers. *Book nonstop flights whenever you can. Having an uninterrupted stretch of time when there’s nothing else to do is…

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Help! My toddler won’t sit still during meals!

Posted on: Aug 17 2015   Comments: (0)  
My Toddler won't sit still

Even with a good restraint like the Yochi Yochi harness, it can be a challenge to get your little one to hold still long enough to get through the meal. Here are some tips to make your life and theirs easier: - Eat at a reasonable hour. The longer you wait to start dinner, the…

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Checklist for Traveling with a Baby

Posted on: Jul 08 2015   Comments: (0)  

When you’re packing for a vacation, it’s easy to forget one of the basics and not realize it until you’re halfway to your destination – and if you’re traveling with a baby, this can get especially bad. Imagine being stuck on a plane and finding out you forgot a now-necessary change of clothes! This handy…

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Why a Child Harness Can Be Your Best Accessory

Posted on: Jun 30 2015   Comments: (0)  
Child Harness Best Accessory

Raising children in today’s world is extremely scary, not to mention tough. Everyone has a different view on what you should or should not do as a parent. This makes it extremely stressful to take your children out into public, especially to crowded areas. A child harness can make parenting easier, but some parents feel…

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Packing Checklist for Traveling with a Toddler

Posted on: Jun 19 2015   Comments: (0)  
Packing Checklist for Traveling with Toddler

So you were brave enough to plan a trip with your toddler, but now reality has set in and it seems like a daunting task. It can be, if you are not prepared, but with these handy tips you'll be ready to travel with your busy little one. Things to Consider when Traveling with Toddler…

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