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Flying with Kids: Seating Arrangements

Posted on: Feb 16 2016   Comments: (0)  
Flying with Kids Seating Arrangements

Flying with kids soon ? Traveling with your little one is complex in a lot of ways - you have to remember what to pack, make sure you're doing so within travel guidelines, and plan your trip for the whole family to get the most out of it. But there's one consideration that's really important when…

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Air Travel During Pregnancy

Posted on: Feb 03 2016   Comments: (0)  

Pregnancy is a tumultuous life experience, so do you travel during pregnancy ?  It may leave you wondering how you're going to rearrange your plans over the coming months - particularly if those plans involved getting on an airplane. The metal detectors, pressurized cabins, and all sorts of other factors involved in air travel often…

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Going to the Beach with Baby: A Checklist

Posted on: Nov 20 2015   Comments: (0)  
Going to the Beach with Baby

The beach can be an exciting family outing. It's full of new sights and sounds for your little one, and the water and sand are an unlimited source of fun - and Mom and Dad might even snag a couple seconds to relax, too! Taking your kids to the beach for the first time is…

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Choosing the Right Portable High Chair

Posted on: Nov 10 2015   Comments: (0)  
Choosing the Right Portable High Chair

Maybe it's time for your little one's first high chair; maybe they've outgrown the one they used to sit in, and you're considering a more 'big kid'-appropriate option. Either way, portable high chairs are definitely worth a look! They come in a few different styles, but still have some of the same considerations as standard…

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Staying Safe in the Neighborhood

Posted on: Oct 30 2015   Comments: (0)  
staying safe in the neighborhood

There’s nothing like a walk around the block with your baby. Fresh after the pregnancy, it’s a great way for moms to get back into shape and let their little ones see some of the world around them, and as kids get older, the exercise does them good, too. But even when you’re staying close…

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