The SUV of Baby Carriers: Top 4 Baby Hip Carriers for Older Babies

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baby hip carriers for older babies

Babywearing has many benefits for children and parents and the benefits don’t stop when your baby leaves infancy. In fact, many toddlers and their parents love to continue their babywearing relationship and it doesn’t only help soothe your child and increase your bond, but it has practical benefits as well. So you may ask – what are the best baby carriers for older babies?

If you already know that you need one, skip this paragraph and go straight to the good stuff.  If you need convincing, let me ask you this – have you ever tried to navigate a busy grocery store without having your child run all over the place knocking things off shelves, or have you tried to visit the local zoo with your overtired one-year old where there’s no space to use a stroller? Convinced?

If you’re looking for the best baby carrier for your older child, there are many options available that work for kids up to 45 pounds. Some carriers are better for quick trips and others really come in handy for those longer travel trips, but either way you and your older baby will be happy with any of these carriers!

Best Baby Hip Carriers for Older Babies to Use for Quick Trips

If you’re looking for a baby carrier for your older baby for quick trips to the store or to pick up a few groceries, you’ll want to look for certain qualities in your baby carrier. You will want to make sure your carrier is not only safe for your older child to be in, but that is easy to put on and can be done quickly.

1. Baby Hawk Mei Tei Carrier ($90)

This carrier can be used for babies up to 40lbs and can be used for a front or back-carry, plus it’s reversible meaning you can wear it with a solid color or patterned. It’s easy and fast to put on making it perfect for the quick trip to the grocery store.

Baby Hawk Mei Tei Carrier


2. WACOTTO ($59.99)

If you are looking for a carrier that will help you keep one arm free while your other arm helps support your baby, the Wacotto is perfect. The best thing about this carrier is it doubles as a scarf so you can wear it and look great even while baby is not placed inside.


Best Baby Hip Carriers for Older Babies to Use for Longer Trips

If you’re looking for a baby carrier for your older baby for those longer travel trips like going to the Zoo or exploring a new city, there are some things to keep in mind. You’ll want to make sure the carrier you use has comfortable straps that help disperse the weight across your back. If you don’t you’ll find out quickly just how heavy your child is and you could hurt your muscles.

1. Ergo Performance Collection Ventus ($140)

For a baby carrier that is going to go the distance with you, this Ergo is a great choice. It has durability and comfort in mind and you can use it for your child who weighs up to 45lbs. You are able to use a front, back, or hip carry, and wide straps across the shoulders and waist making it perfect for those longer, active trips.

Ergo Performance Collection Ventus


2. líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Original ($115)

This carrier is lightweight meaning you won’t feel added discomfort while wearing your baby, which can be safely done up until they’re 45lbs. This carrier allows you to choose from 6 different holds and your baby’s weight is distributed evenly across your shoulders and hips with premium foam adding amazing comfort.

líllébaby® COMPLETE™

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