Benefits of Baby Carriers vs. Strollers

baby carriers vs strollers

Keep your baby close with a baby carrier.

Most parents would rather put their baby in a stroller or a baby carrier instead of cradling the baby in their arms all day or when outdoors. Aside from tiring their arms, their ability to do other activities is restricted as well. Strollers and baby carriers are really helpful and convenient, but which would you really prefer to give you a hand: a stroller or a baby carrier?

There are pros and cons to each option. Below are just a few reasons why you may opt for a baby carrier instead of a stroller, especially for younger babies.

  • Mom’s belly is the only home your baby knows while he/she is inside you. While in your womb, they hear your heartbeat and your voice, feel your warmth, your security and comfort. They feel safe. Just when they get used to that environment, they are introduced to life on the outside. With a baby carrier, baby will still be able to feel the warmth and closeness of your body, and hear your beating heart and your gentle whispers.
  • Baby carriers are more affordable than strollers.
  • Strollers are bulkier than baby carriers. Baby carriers don’t consume too much space, and some baby carriers even fit in a small bag or pouch.
  • Some baby carriers allow you to breastfeed discreetly; it can act as a cover from others’ prying eyes, without worrying about tiring your arms from carrying your baby’s full weight.
  • Very young babies are not able to see very well, even at a close range. With a baby carrier, your baby will have a better chance and more opportunities to get familiar with you and life outside the womb.

Strollers and baby carriers are both helpful, and each has its own advantages. Choosing which to buy for your baby is up to you, based on what you think will work best for you and baby. Good luck.

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