Baby-Wearing Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Babywearers

Baby-wearing is a convenient and handy way to look after your children, especially if you are a busy and active parent. Aside from the fact that it allows you to do other tasks, it also saves you from tiring and straining your arms by carrying the full weight of the baby for too long.

Baby-wearing is really useful and handy, but one must take the utmost consideration for the baby’s safety first before convenience.

Here are some safety tips for baby-wearing:

  • Check the baby carrier EVERY TIME before using it, and make sure that the straps are secure to prevent the baby from falling.
  •  Make sure that the baby’s position allows him/her enough room to breathe. You need to check your baby from time to time.
  •  Ensure that the leg holes are just enough to keep the baby in place, but not so big the baby might fall out.
  •  The maximum weight that the baby carrier can handle should also be taken into consideration for the baby’s safety. If the baby is too heavy for the baby carrier, it might break or tear and send the baby tumbling down. Please check the instructions on your carrier.
  •  Make sure that the baby carrier is not too tight; that could hurt the baby and not leave him/her room to breathe properly.
  • One of the most important things to remember is to follow the baby carrier’s instructions. Improper use of the baby carrier could not only harm the baby, but also put the baby in danger.

Most baby carriers are very safe, but always be aware of your baby and his/her movements, or lack of movements.

Baby-wearing has a lot of advantages, but always remember that your baby’s safety should always come first and should never be compromised.

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