Baby pouches are great for newborn babies

What's a Pouch baby carrier

Pouch-style baby carriers are considered one of the simplest, easiest, and most comfortable baby carriers on the market today. Most pouches have no rings or buckles, making them less complicated to use compared to other baby carriers. The wearer slips the pouch over their head and one shoulder to create a pocket or seat which holds the baby. Pouches are also lightweight and can be easily put in a bag.

Pouch baby carriers are also preferred by most mothers who are new to baby-wearing. Because of their simplicity, there is a lesser learning curve and fewer things to remember. That is also one reason why most fathers also prefer pouch baby carriers compared to other carriers.

Most pouch baby carriers are not adjustable, making them difficult to share with other baby carrier users, though there are some manufacturers nowadays who produce adjustable pouch baby carriers.

Pouch baby carriers are a bit deeper than a sling; they are sewn into a tubular shape, making it safer to carry a newborn baby.

All baby carriers are designed to help wearers carry their infants relatively hands-free. Choosing the right baby carrier still depends on how you want to wear your baby and what type of carrier you will be most comfortable with.

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