Baby Hip Carriers for Younger Babies: The Pros & Cons of the Top 4

Baby Hip Carriers

We know that wearing your baby has some real benefits for your baby’s health and your sanity as a parent, but with so many different baby hip carriers out there, how do you know which carrier is the best one for you?
When it comes to hip carrying your baby, which can be safely done when your child is able to sit on their own unassisted at about 5-6 months old, there are 4 popular baby hip carriers that stand out as the best. Each one is slightly different from the other and knowing more about each carrier – both the good and the bad – can help you make the best purchasing decision for you and the qualities you look for in a CARRIER.

1. Moby Wrap ($38-$45)

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The Moby Wrap Original is a versatile carrier that offers the ability to use it in different holds – including the hip carry hold. This carrier has been around since 2003 and has become one of the most popular carriers on the market.

Pro: Because this carrier is one piece of fabric, you don’t have to worry about buckles or straps and therefore, it’s really adjustable to the wearer. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short or somewhere in between, you’ll still be able to comfortably wear this wrap. The Moby Wrap IS also machine-washable and comes in a variety of patterns meaning you can choose the one that you love the most, and it’s very affordable at under $50.

Con: The Moby Wrap is 5.5 meters long and because it’s all one piece of material, it can be intimidating and may take a while to get the hang of how to tie it correctly. Sarah M Poitras, who left a review of this product on Amazon, said, “It is a bit tricky to figure out how to tie it, but don’t give up after a bit of practice it is a snap to put on. The first few times were very awkward for both me and baby but small changes I was able to use it easily.”

2. Scootababy Hip Baby Carrier ($119)

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The Scootababy Hip Baby Carrier is unique because it has been specifically designed to be able to wear your baby in the hip carrying position. This carrier is also available in a few different designs from basic black to bold red, and was designed by a mother who was looking for the perfect baby wearing solution for her “spirited” child.

Pro: The Scootababy Hip Baby Carrier is easy to use and comfortable to wear thanks to its material and design. Biscuitsandbandages, who left a review of her experience with this carrier on said, “I’ve been using it most of the day over the past 2 weeks. It takes about 10 seconds to get my toddler in and out and about 30 [seconds] for the baby. It is extremely comfortable and I’m considering getting another one to keep in the car!”

Con: The Scootababy Hip Carrier has a higher price point than other carriers and on top of that, you can’t use this product until your child reaches at least 12 pounds meaning you don’t get as long of use out of this product. Emeriminni, who left a review on said, “My only negative comments about the Scootababy would be that it’d be better if it had a slightly wider seat to better accommodate a long-legged toddler, and that the buckle sliders on the shoulder straps are not strong/rigid enough. I find that with my 2.5 year old’s weight, they flex slightly and allow the straps to slip a little as we’re using it.”

3. SUPPORi ($54.99)

The Suppori hip carrier

The SUPPORi is a unique carrier that allows you to carry your baby on your hips as you would if you were carrying your baby in your arms. It’s different than the traditional carriers because you still need to use one arm to support your baby, but it makes holding your baby much easier on your muscles.

Pro: The SUPPORi is made up of a very light-weight material meaning it’s not only easy to use, it’s perfect for keeping the carrier in your purse, taking to the beach, and keeps your baby nice and close to you. Richard M. C. “Richard”, who left a review of the SUPPORi on Amazon said, “I love this sling. It is so easy to carry, and so convenient. What I like about it, is that it’s light weight and very easy – I can just slip him into the sling. There [are] also no extra parts, so I’m not worried that I may have forgotten anything.”

Con: The SUPPORi is not a carrier that allows you to walk hands-free because you still have to use one arm to support your baby. MTMomma, who left a review on Amazon says that this carrier can be difficult to get her baby into and once she does, the fabric cuts into her daughter’s legs a bit. Some parents also complain that it’s only a great carrier if  you have the right size, and getting the right size is not always easy, unless you are trying it on in a retail store.

4. Balboa Baby ($125- $154)

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The Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling is a one-size carrier that comes in a variety of gorgeous patterns and at an affordable price tag. The sling was developed by the well-known pediatrician Dr. Sears and has become very popular, even winning the iParenting Media Award in 2009.

Pro: Taking a look this sling, the pattern choices are undeniably beautiful, but more than good looks goes into a good carrier. Sonja Alves, who left a review on Amazon for this product believes this product is not only pretty, but also worthwhile saying, “Within ten minutes of getting it, my life had improved. My baby LOVES this sling. He instantly calms down when placed in it. The sling has been quite comfortable for me as well – the padded shoulder distributes his weight nicely and I can wear it for extended periods of time just fine.”

Con: If you’re looking for a carrier that’s comfortable for your newborn or young baby, the Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling may not be the best choice. BB, who left a review on Amazon said, “It was absolutely useless for us, with the newborn it was too deep and uncomfortable, for when little older it was very awkward, it does not hold baby securely at all.”

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