Safety Tips for Shopping With Kids

Baby Harness Safety Tips for Shopping With Kids

Each parent knows the joys of shopping with kids (sarcasm… for some of us)—but what happens when the shopping carts safety strap doesn’t work and your baby harness isn’t effective? Unfortunately, thousands of kids are injured by shopping carts each year. Even when following the instructions, carts can prove to be very dangerous. While it may not be possible for every parent to completely avoid using a cart when they bring their children shopping, there are ways to ensure a safer trip. Below are some helpful tips for parents to follow when using shopping carts with their children.

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The Dos of Kids and Shopping Carts

The most important safety feature on shopping carts is the safety straps. These are important to keep your child in the cart so they cannot stand up and fall out. Also, it is important to not let your child stand in the basket or the outside of the cart. This can lead to falls or being run over by the cart. Another important tip is to use either a cart cover or sanitary wipe to clean the surface of the cart. Raw meats such as poultry and beef can leave behind residue that could get your child sick. Keep your child secured with a safety strap or baby harness such as the Yochi Yochi for maximum safety while shopping.

The Don’ts of Kids and Shopping Carts

One of the biggest mistakes some parents make when shopping with kids and using carts is not staying within arm’s reach at all times. If you walk away, you won’t be able to prevent your child from climbing or falling out. If at all possible, it is also not a good idea to let your kids ride in the basket of the cart. Since the basket is exposed to all sorts of fresh and raw products, it is a cesspool of germs. Lastly, it is important to only use shopping carts that are in proper working order. Always check to make sure the wheels are working properly and that the safety strap is not missing or damaged.

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