All About the Yochi Yochi Child Safety Harness

All About the Yochi Yochi Child Safety Harness

The ability to use a baby harness on a portable high chair must be one of the miracles of modern life. If there is one thing that toddlers are good at, it has to be wriggling. Toddlers are at a crucial growth stage when they are interested in virtually everything around them, and want to reach out or move around to explore whatever they can lay their tiny little hands on. These little adventurers are such movers and shakers, literally, that trying to keep them still is next to impossible. Luckily for parents with toddlers, the Yochi Yochi child safety harness is cleverly designed to do just that. The Yochi Yochi is a 3-in-1 child safety harness that you can use as a portable high chair for your baby (this is the most popular use); as a lap restraint when the baby is sitting on your lap; as your child’s walking harness during those trips to Disneyland; as a walking support for kids when they are learning to walk; and as a shopping cart safety harness during your shopping trips.

The Yochi Yochi child safety harness is light, portable, easy to use, made from breathable material that is easy to wipe clean, and compact enough to easily fit in a small purse. The harness helps you turn virtually any chair into a high chair for your little one!

Yochi Yochi Child Safety Harness Product Description

– Made from a light, breathable fabric that can be machine-washed

– Has strong, easily adjustable straps

– The inner lining allows free movement of air, preventing excessive moisture buildup and discomfort for your little one

– The outer fabric can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth

– The harness features strong Velcro to prevent your child from wriggling out

– The 27.5-inch long straps allow even tall parents to easily carry their bundles of joy

– Strap loops provide a firm grip

– Suitable for babies aged between 6 months and 5 years

The Yochi Yochi chair belt sells for just $29.95. It’s available in Red Rocket or Swifty Black, and one size fits all.

Let’s now have a look at the different ways in which you can use this lovely child harness:

Chair Belt

The most common use of the Yochi Yochi child harness is as a chair belt. Even though kids learn to sit as early as 4-6 months, it takes much longer, usually several years, before they can sit unaided and be left on a high chair without risking falling off. Let’s face it: mums love their coffee catch ups with their friends. But getting their 2-year-old toddlers to sit for even 30 seconds is often a Herculean task, much to their parents’ chagrin!

The Yochi Yochi child harness is designed to allow your child to sit comfortably upright in any regular chair, while securing the child with an adjustable strap that connects the rear of the harness to the chair. Many high chairs are a bit too restrictive for little toddlers; this is further compounded if the tray table is fixed and cannot be moved to create more space for the baby to move about. With the Yochi Yochi harness, your toddler can now safely sit with the rest of the family at the table and feel like a big kid! You can bet that your toddler will love this.

The harness can easily be strapped into all types of chairs, not just portable chairs. It’s perfect for babies as little as 6 months and can be used on kids as old as 5 years, especially during meal times.

The Yochi Yochi can be an invaluable accompaniment during long car trips. Being able to pack your high chair into your diaper bag is much more convenient than lugging around those large, bulky traditional high chairs. When your cargo space is limited (as it often is), you will find the Yochi Yochi simply indispensable. This will help prevent mess and clutter in your vehicle.

Lap Restraint

The Yochi Yochi chair belt is excellent for keeping your child secured to your body when they are sitting on your lap. If you have ever had to endure a busy waiting room with your toddler, you are probably aware of how exhausting it can be to keep chasing the baby around. With the Yochi Yochi child harness, all you need to do is sit the baby on your lap and secure it around your body.

Shopping Cart Harness

The Yochi Yochi child harness can be used to secure your kid on the shopping cart during long shopping sessions. Just sit the baby inside the shopping cart, then use the harness to secure the baby and prevent them from making those dreaded escapes. Unlike many shopping cart straps, which allow little Houdinis to escape, the Yochi Yochi harness secures the baby with a soft yet firm grip that ensures such mishaps never happen.

Walking Support and Harness

Some parents balk at the idea of securing their toddlers to leads or safety harnesses when the kid is walking. But if you have ever had a runner on your hands, you know how incredibly unnerving it can be to go anywhere with them. A safety harness is a far better option than risking your baby falling and injuring themselves whenever they make those mad dashes, and it’s much better than denying your baby those walks in an attempt to avoid seemingly inevitable falls.

A Yochi Yochi harness is great for use when your toddler is just beginning to walk. It can also be used on older kids, especially when you are walking in crowded environments where you need to keep your kid close to you. The Yochi Yochi can be incredibly invaluable during those trips to Disney, or when walking around large malls.

Using a Yochi Yochi as a Child Leash

Many parents tend to go on a guilt trip whenever they have to use a child leash on their kids because it seems like imprisoning the kid. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A child leash is not any different from any other parenting tools or techniques.

What really matters is how the leash is presented to the child, how the parent uses it, and the child’s temperament. Many kids suffer from serious injuries sustained when walking outside (little boys are especially prone to this). If your kid is a little hyperactive and prone to getting injured when walking outside, it’s far better to secure the kid on a leash than to risk them falling and hurting themselves. A dad with a highly impulsive 3-year-old with a history of bolting might be better off securing the kid on a leash when he is at the airport. This is especially true when the parent has other small kids that they need to keep an eye on. Many kids in the 18-36 months range are easier to walk with when they are on a leash. A leash does a much better job of securing your baby than trying to drag them along by their wrists, since it distributes the pressure over a wider body surface and is thus more comfortable for the baby.

Care Instructions

Cleaning a Yochi Yochi harness really is a walk in the park. The harness is made of nylon material and is easy to clean.

Here are some Yochi Yochi cleaning tips:

– You can clean the easy spots on your Yochi Yochi simply by wiping away with a piece of cloth dipped in warm soapy water

– If the Yochi Yochi has tough stains, secure the Velcro straps and wash it in your washing machine

– Always machine wash the Yochi Yochi on the gentle cycle, and in a laundry net to avoid damaging the buckles

– Do not iron or dry clean your Yochi Yochi

– Lay it out flat to dry

Best Suited to

The Yochi Yochi chair belt is best for kids between 6 months and 5 years. It’s particularly useful when traveling, and for parents who frequent places such as restaurants or shopping malls.

Reasons to Love it

– Lightweight, small and compact enough to fit in a handbag or a stroller pocket

– Perfect for traveling

– Comfortable for your child to wear with no sharp or scratchy bits that can injure your child

– Serves multiple purposes: safety harness, shopping cart strap, portable chair restraint

– Keeps your child safe

– Provides many years of use

– Available in two great-looking colors

– Easy to wash and clean

– Makes for a fantastic gift for new moms

What to Avoid

– Avoid leaving your kid unattended when using a Yochi Yochi

– Always make sure the Velcro strap is fastened securely

– Always keep an eye on your kid when you are using the Yochi Yochi as a walking harness

– Avoid using the Yochi Yochi close to open fires

– Before using the Yochi Yochi, examine it for any breakages, damages of frayed parts, especially for older harnesses

– Young kids can easily become entangled or even strangled on loops and cords. Always keep a close eye on your kid to prevent this from happening

Final Words

The Yochi Yochi child harness is a simple yet highly practical tool for parents with active toddlers. The tool is easy to use, affordable and versatile. With a Yochi Yochi around, you will have the full peace of mind that comes from knowing that your little one is kept out of harm’s way.

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